David A Berg

Profile Updated: June 30, 2010
Residing In: Coppell, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Not Hardly...
Children: William and Joshua

When I'm with my boys I am the richest man I know, I tell people we live like bachelors and we "Like it That Way...(jokingly)" I survived the corporate adventures in the 80's that was the State of Texas Bank Examiners tour through the greatness of West Texas closing banks till I got bored. Moved to Dallas as the computer business was growing up to be the I.T. Industry and was taking off, I started with a startup company called DaisyTek, and at the time we had only one competitor in the whole country, worked for Data Storage Marketing when we were the first and at that time only stocking distributor for a startup called Microsoft, with Windows 95 on our shelf In Texas..not so long ago...Then Cisco taught me networking...Man... we didn't know it then but that was a hell of a ride, survived the Dot Com Bubble and Burst, got married had two boys and then that changed too... Finished with IBM Global Services, writing and negotiating contracts for networking solutions, till I got bored. (There is a trend here I am afraid) Started my third career as an Energy Broker, contracting industial supply for Electricity and Natural Gas etc. It is the closest thing to owning my own company, without well all the headaches... it seems that when you spend six figures a month on "Power" it is a whole new game it is a commodity with a strategy, not just a check to write and that business has been good to me. Not bored yet with all the advances in technology, in that field, I should be good for a couple of years, till the boys are through College...then I'm going to open up a bait shop on a very quiet lake somewhere up in the Ozarks, and just admire the peace and quiet that is as God Intended it to be.

The boys are now Jr. and Soph. in Highschool, and I don't know where the time went...queston is, what's next? They went from little guys with a litany of "Dad?" questions to a couple of young boys, with a bombed out Jeep I picked up as their first "Rig" to My saying lately...If it weren't for Gas Money and Groceries, I'd never see them...

It has been a hell of a ride, and we are far from done....I do have to say though, that it's All Been Good.

And for Patty Monroe..."Your Welcome.." Yours was one of the first names I looked up, Kept looking for Patty Montague, but that was the street you lived on...(My how memories get a little off over the years.)

Send up a prayer every now and again for those lost and those strugglin....Amen.

School Story:

Had to be the fumble in the end zone at Permian, and the escort out of town after the game, waking up to the papers (I had a morning paper route in Puckett Place) and reading Sandies 9 Odessa Permian 0, and for days answering the question, "Did you really beat Permian?" That was a football season, to last a lifetime, for me at least. Friends, Lee Cloud, Pat Lara, Bill Tweedle ( You are missed my friend!), countless others... Football and carrying Fabian Hyman piggyback up and down the bleachers...Larry VanDyke, and too many brain cells burned in the company of the Party Stop Softball Leagues, who would have dreamed that Mrs. Grantham's husband was in the L Beverage Business...Dennis Schnieder, Greg Bernius and an endless cast of characters...it was never boring, "Ever!" What was that "Catch Phrase about Coach Narrel?" Robert Carter can tell ya, so ask him if you see him...and the list goes on. Good Times.

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Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:58 PM
My youngest, Josh ... size 12 feet, 6-2 and about 220, and yes, it is humbling.
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:58 PM
Now, William is my oldest he is the Lawyer to be, natural born instigator. Reminds me of Tweedle with his wit, and humor.