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Kim Fomby (Watkins)

Kim Fomby (Watkins)

Kim Fomby Watkins, 30, died Thursday, October 1, 1992.  She was survived by her husband Mike, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Fomby, and a brother, Boyd Fomby.  She is dearly missed by all her classmates. 






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02/17/10 07:03 PM #7    

Janna Vernon (Wittenburg)

Truly one of the sweetest girls I have ever known. She was always ready with a smile!

02/18/10 11:27 AM #8    

Rene Snead (Williams)

I love Kim and think of her often. She always wanted to be a mother more than anything and I am so sorry she didn't have the opportunity... she was a nurtured and so sweet and loving. She was like a sister to me and was in my wedding. We need to all live and love like it's our last day. Love you Kim!

02/19/10 10:18 PM #9    

Michelle Henry (Raftshol)

If you are reading must have cared about KIM Fomby....
Kim was...echo echo.echo ..what everyone has said...the sweetest, gentlest most friendly person in every social circle immaginable. And although i'd known her since 4th grade, we became really close, as adults, when we lived together in Austin. She at SWT and me at UT as room mates for many years. She was such a happy person always- she never spoke a snide word ever. She never had a negative thing to say about anyone.
She was such a wonderfully giving and sweet soul with a smile and a heart as wide as TEXAS!!!!!!!!!

02/23/10 01:03 PM #10    

Summer Sudbury (Richards)

You know, Michelle (and all of them!) are right and when Kim passed away I had moved off to Michigan (for 10 years!)and I did a terrible job of keeping up with anyone- and I had heard about it, way after the fact - but I don't think it ever really sunk in because I was not here when it happened. In my mind, she's just off doing what the rest of you are doing- and I forget that she's not going to pop up on facebook or surface at a reunion - just like the rest of you... She was so nice to everyone, I guess she will be there with us always. If you have any favorite pictures of Kim that you would like for me to post on her profile- send them to me & I will post them.

03/03/10 05:49 PM #11    

Stacey Youngblood (Wright)

Well, I am sorry to say I was out of touch and didn't even know until today. God has an angel in Heaven up there with Him. She will be remembered by all of AHS as sweet and kind. She always had a smile on her face. We love you Kim...

03/05/10 11:03 PM #12    

Melissa Babcock (Winter)

Kim -
SO many memories, including catching the kitchen on fire, backing out of your garage but not without knocking a board off, church camps galore, PDC, putting vicks under our eyes at the revival at church so people would think we were crying, and many more. You are missed....MUCH!

03/12/10 06:22 PM #13    

Tim Nicholson

1992... I remember Kim from Crockett and AHS. She was a sweet girl, non-judgmental...Her passing is a loss for us.

04/28/10 09:32 AM #14    

Karen Southern (Chadwick)

I have known Kim I think my whole life, from the time we were toddlers at First Baptist Church.  And as everyone has mentioned, Kim was one of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever known.  To this day, I still think of all the crazy fun things we did, all the way back to Angel Martinez revivals at FBC when we were in elementary school.  Kim, you were taken from us way too early but I know God had a much bigger plan for you-and you are fulfilling it today.  I still miss you-

06/23/10 08:33 AM #15    

Robin Herring (Farris)

I was able to spend some time one summer with Kim while she lived in Austin with Michele.  That is when I got to know her more.  She was a wonderful person and lots of fun.  Even though she was close friends with Michele and Jana Beckham, she made me feel like a close friend too.  That is just how she was.

04/05/12 11:20 PM #16    

Mark Alder

Love and miss you Kim.

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