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Bill Tweedle

Bill Tweedle

SAN ANTONIO — Bill S. Tweedle, age 42, passed away Thursday, June 3, 2004. He was born Oct. 12, 1961, in Amarillo, Texas. He is survived by his loving wife, Donna Tweedle; children, Emma and Grant Tweedle; his parents, Jim and Shelby Tweedle of El Paso, Texas; mother, Jeanette Weatherby Tinajero of Big Lake and Midland, Texas; stepbrother, Jason Beavers of Aspen, Colo.; stepsister, Charlsey Medina of Corinth, Texas; and two nieces. He is also survived by his in-laws, Cmd. Sgt. Major (Army Retired) Alton and Bong Yo Eckert of Pittsburgh, Pa.; and two sisters-in-law, Sherry Eckert of Falls Church, Va., and Susan Eckert of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Bill was devoted to and his world revolved around his wife and children. He graduated from Amarillo High School, Texas Tech and recently received a Masters degree from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio. He taught five years for El Paso Independent School District and for the past nine years at Southwest High School in San Antonio. He was an avid outdoorsman and was on his morning run when death overtook him.

He will be missed by everyone.

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02/27/10 08:13 AM #4    

David Miller

Yeah, Bill was fun. He was indeed a unique individual. Playing poker with him could become a very harrowing experience, and then there was AC. Bill provided some of my most interesting memories. I bet he was one great teacher. He was one that was always 'Orbiting the Giant Hairball'.

03/03/10 12:28 AM #5    

Stephen Schumacher

Wild Bill ... Fun ... Knew how to through a party ... a good kind friend ... was a little crazy at times ... was a lot crazy at others ... at times we saw way to much of Billy ... at times way to little ... He had the world's best cat ... he had the worlds strangest car atleast the paint job anyways ... i think i threw up on his mom's bed once and spent the night in his shower ... and all in all it was a pretty good night ... i helped him destroy a coke machine once ... i guess the statue of Limitatins is up on that one ... One of the smartest, brightest minds i have known ... always quick with a comeback rarely one uped in a battle on witts ... the world is a slightly quieter place with out Billy ... but by GOD heaven has to be rockin'

03/03/10 05:52 PM #6    

Stacey Youngblood (Wright)

I am sorry to say I didn't know Billy had passed away either. He was a fun loving guy and always up to something. We will remember you and love you always.

03/14/10 10:00 PM #7    

Steve Ahearn

That blurry picture of Tweedle is perfect, he never sat still. I had no idea of his passing until I saw this website. I remember Billy as smart, amazing vocabulary, very fun and never dull. Once he made it to 20 I thought he would live forever.

04/27/10 06:37 PM #8    

David A Berg

Billy Sim Tweedle,

He was absolutely one of a kind.  Pat Lara knew him best, those two had been like family for life. 

I will share with you just one of a typical "Bill Tweedle Story"

Out at Medipark, he had just gotten his first car "1952 Hilman Husky" several of us  were as we were sharing a cold beverage when a lady police officer pulled up, Bill was the only one of age (18) so we did what we did, and tossed the bottles, with the exception of the ones in the cooler of course.  When the officer asked for ID, Bill was the only one with one...when she asked who's car it was, he said his, when she asked to see what there might be in the trunk, he felt that was the time to turn on the charm, (thats where the rest of the Beer was)  and so, he began to quiz her on all sorts of topics, Women wanting to be Cops topics...Bill had a way of poking fun at what things that might have made most people's feelins get hurt... but in a way that was too likable to offend... anyway, she started to get annoyed with his "Sarcasm" and said

"Young man, one more sarcastic word out of you and your goin to Jail" To which, Bill in a tone all his own, replied....  "Why, is sarcasm against the law too?"  She got so mad she couldn't talk was reachin for her cuffs, told him to turn around.. but right about  then Steve Nordyke came flyin around the corner and just laid on the his hot rod "442" and she urgently decided to chase Nordyke instead of continue with Bill.... he allways got out of things, like that...just too funny not to like, but very sincere.  One of countless stories.... it was that way with Bill, never just one of anything, but one thing allways led to another...and get the idea.

Bill, I Love ya my Brother...............You and your family are often in our prayers           Dave

 And Stewie... yes you did. were very very special to Bill, I know that for a fact.


04/27/10 07:39 PM #9    

David A Berg

Ok, in tribute to Bill, and in Bill fashion, (you see the stories just started flowin)

We had just graduated, and Bill had a an ongoing banter with Mrs. Grantham, to make a long story short, Bill went from being a formidable class clown, to talking her husband Mr. Grantham into sponsoring our softball team.  Team Party Stop. And the stories go on...and on...Then there was the time, Bill wore the number 32 and added on "double A" , in tribute to his girlfriends measurements (first name started with a C...) or um.. cup size. 

And he got away with it.......  you get the idea.


            Somewhere up there, I know your smiling...and already have a comeback.





06/23/10 12:32 AM #10    

Ty Richmond


So many memories...cub scouts with your dad as our leader; football for coach Reyman at Ridgecrest; hanging out in the neighborhood, etc..God bless you brother.


06/23/10 09:33 AM #11    

Jay Johnson (Jay Johnson)

 So sorry to hear of Bill's death. He was a funny guy and inveterate prankster. At his house one time, he pulled out a handgun to clean it. Kept waving it around while he was talking until I asked him to quit pointing it my direction. "Why? It's not loaded," he says, then points it at my foot and pulls the trigger. BLAM! I almost had a heart attack while he laughed his ass off. He had it loaded with blanks. I wanted to punch him in the face, but I knew it would've been the fight of my life if I had. That was Bill. Wish I would've had the chance to see him once more. I'm sure lots of folks miss him.

07/20/10 08:54 AM #12    

Karla Kay Fouts (Hilton)

I always remember Bill as having such a great sense of humor!   He could really make you laugh.  He will be missed.  

04/05/12 07:49 PM #13    

Mark Alder

I some how found my way to this site and the sad shocking news that Bill had passed.

Bill and I were very good friends, running mates and general hoodlums from 4th - 8th grade. The Bonham - Crockett split sent us mostly in different directions but we saw a bit of each other in high school (card games, drinking etc.). Lost track of Bill after college and remember his cat Tippy.

I wish his family the best.

Bill and I laughed together and fought like brothers. I will share some of my memories with Bill:

- Walking through the alleys lighting firecrackers to look back behind us and realize we started a fire. After beating it down with our shirts and feet, we "irrigated" the ashes to ensure nothing was still hot.

- Sometime back when the Amarillo Wranglers hockey team was in town, Bill and I went to one of the games. Bill managed to get into a scuffle with some other kid there and what I remember was as they squared off, the other guy was taking his jacket off, and with his hands behind his back Bill smacked him in the mouth. The utter brilliance of it has stuck with me till this day and I would never remove my coat in a fight. Now Bill didn't fare to well after all was said and done but the other guy was roughed up as well.

- Possibly and unknown incident, Bill and I around 8th grade for some stupid reason decided to break into Ridgecrest school which was down the block from his house and we both had attended. Our plan was to remove a sunlight, push the grate open, and rope down from the roof. We got as far as the grate but as we pushed on it it broke into  million pieces. We abandoned the entry after that. Probably best as if we would have went on down we likely would have had to break ourselves out as I doubt either of us would have been able to climb the rope back out. What the hell were we thinking?

- I spent the night at Bill's one night and we were playing ring-and-run in his neighborhood. Now I think we hit one house two or three times and the last time about 4-5 adults were running around outside looking for us. It was still dusk and Bill and I had hidden in the middle of a bunch of bushes. Well we decided to make a run for it as the search party was closing in. So we crouched down preparing to spring into a full run and counted to three and in full Bill Tweedle style (and to my surprise) Bill yells out "Haul Balls !!!". I am like "Bill what the hell are you doing?" but had to get my racing shoes moving. Somehow we found our way back to his garage and hid under one of his parents cars watching the activity outside after jumping fences and running through alleys.

Bill was one of a kind. He was my brother. Love you man. Rest easy.

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