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Michael Vargas

Michael Vargas

Michael Vargas passed away on October 29th, 1989.  We will definitely miss his smiling face!

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02/22/10 09:05 PM #1    

Jana Wendel (Thornton)

I always remember Michael smiling, which he did most of the time.

02/22/10 09:55 PM #2    

Dana Clift (Munkres)

He was always smiling! A little ornery smile as he crept up behind me in the hall, then I'd start walking a little faster! :)

03/03/10 05:56 PM #3    

Stacey Youngblood (Wright)

I liked Michael and he always made you smile seeing him smiling. We will remember you too.

04/28/10 07:15 AM #4    

David A Berg


I really didn't know Vargas at school, like me I think that we were a bit hard to get to know, but once you did, then that might be another story...might last ya oh about  30 years or so.  When Tweedle got the sponsorship from Party Stop, we went to recruiting players, well Larry VanDyke was good, I mean very good, and he had become friends with Vargas over the years, I think the connection was the V seating order thing.  One thing leads to another, and Vargas expressed an interst in being a part of the happening that was "Softball League."  I will spare you the details, but fast forward to the question, How do we get him there?  Picture Tweedles or Larry's pickup, three in the cab, four in the back, and Vargas in his chair, bombing  down the the road to get to a game, just before we got forefieted for being late. Or the after game activities that were obligatory. What Vargas taught me was, when in doubt, take a chance, and get to know was all fun and games untill one time Vargas decided he wanted to spin his chair, donut style, in the back of the truck, in route....I think that might have been the only time we really crossed the line of insanity, he really had a spirit, and a determination that once we were priveleged enough to get to know to be him, "That was all you saw!"

I think Vargas and Bill, might be inviting some of the others that have gone, to their own little gathering, so you'all better behave. Their probably sittin by heavens pool, sipping a Spiritual Drink,, and swapping some stories, and just possibly making some up as they go.


                                                                         Vargas, had is own style of "Cool."

                    It was a privelege to have been his friend even if it were for a very short time.



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